This will be short and sweet because I am having trouble connecting to the wifi with my laptop. We are in a Hilton in Milan, and other than the wifi, everything is fantastic! I am tapping away on my iPad, which is less than ideal. Also, no pictures because they are on my computer. Grrr - First World Problems! I hope to figure it out by tomorrow because we had some cool experiences today.

Here is the abridged version; train to Torino (Turin), a few hours exploring, eating, and shopping followed by a train to Milan. Nice hotel with air conditioning (SO HOT HERE!) and an amazing dinner of Chinese food! I know - not quite what you expect to eat in Milan, but so delicious.

To cap off the evening I introduced Julia to car karaoke with James Corden. We broke the ice with One Direction and followed with Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, and many episodes of Justin Beiber. We finished it off with Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. Hilarious! Great way to pass some time.

Sweet dreams, and I am hopeful for better connectivity tomorrow!  :)


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