Scotland.  Funny how when you think of a place it's the stereotypes that stand out.  I know I won't be encountering many kilt wearing bagpipers with one hand full of haggis and the other holding a glass of whiskey, but that's what pops into my mind when I think of Scotland.  Just like many people may imagine Mounties in red outfits riding on a moose through frozen tundra when they think of Canada.  (I have yet to see that in my life, but boy would that be interesting!) And I know for a fact that England isn't full of tweed jacketed men smoking a pipe and shouting out "Jolly Good!" to passerby's in double decker buses while making a call from a fancy red phone booth.  But still, it's hard not to go there…

And go there I will, in 4 short days.  So now the last minute prep begins… the printing of documents and throwing around of clothes.  Emptying the fridge, cancelling the newspaper, charging batteries and scrounging for mini tubes of toothpaste.  I have little scraps of paper all over the place reminding me not to forget various items, you'd think I've never done this before!  I fear I'm getting a bit more complacent with each trip we take…


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