Time has gotten away from me...  How is it possible that it has been over a month since my last post? Life became a bit of a whirlwind for me (surprise party for my mom, shower for my sister, couple of family roadtrips) and topped off with the worst head cold I've had in years.  Laundry doesn't stop getting dirty and dinner doesn't cook itself, but I assume that's true for everyone.  Well, anyone without a personal maid!

But, just because I've been absent from blogging doesn't mean my head still hasn't been in the European clouds.  I've been helping a few different friends with their trip planning for this summer as well as tweaking our own plans.  I got the Yotel booked for our long Amsterdam stopover and I'm already looking forward to their insanely comfortable beds.  The only downside to the large family room I booked was that last year it sort of smelled like a chemical toilet in the room - but when you're completely exhausted that doesn't seem to matter too much when you're enveloped in 300 thread count comfort!

So, although I'm really looking forward to our trip this summer I'll admit I'm pretty excited for Hawaii in two weeks... coconuts and palm trees are pretty inviting this time of year!

Now I'm off to check out some locations in southern France for a friend who has a magical trip planned for June.  Time to live vicariously...


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