beachWhat a gorgeous and hot day we had here today!  Sunny, dry days are few and far between, and the majority of the population agreed with us and thought they should head to the beach.  We were smushed along with the zillions of people crawling along the single lane road to the cute beach town of Zandvoort.  Jeff's cousin Jan-Geert was our guide, and we spent a great day in the sun with him and his girlfriend.  The beach was full, but not uncomfortably so, and we had a great spot in a beach bar with comfortable couches and sand under our feet.  The kids hung in the hammocks, played in the sand, jumped the waves and ate popsicles while the adults sat on couches drinking Heineken.  Could it be any more perfect??


The evening was capped off with a family dinner at another one of Jeff's cousin's houses; the food was endless and the company was delightful!  Tomorrow is a day trip into southern Holland and I'm looking forward to seeing a part of this country I haven't yet been to.  Another fun day!


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