I feel discombombulated but super excited!  We had the entire day to get the last minute things done, but it still seems that the final hours keep you running around doing tiny things that could've been done much earlier.  (Why do I always wait until the very last minute to clean out the fridge?  Have I never done this before?)

I was so (unknowingly!) frazzled that I went to the drug store to buy a few last minute items, paid the clerk, then walked to my car and drove home.  When I got home I realized the bag was missing... I phoned the store and it turns out I had left it right there on the counter.  The kids were with me and all 3 of us had just walked out without it!  How is that possible?  I went back to get it and the guy said, "You paid and left with such purpose, that by the time I noticed you'd left it you were long gone!"  So strange.

So now I'm waiting for Jeff to get home from work and then I'll watch him run around trying to get his last minute stuff in a bag.  (Hee!)  My parents are very nicely picking up dinner and bringing it over, and after we eat they will take us to the airport.  And then, we're off!


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