Wow, what a difference rain makes to a city!  Today we woke up to pouring rain, and when it eventually cleared it was so foggy that you couldn't even see the castle on the top of the hill!  I'm so glad we chose yesterday to do our major walking and picture taking.

We spent the morning just relaxing and lazing around - this is what a vacation should be like!  Sure, there were many museums and other sights to rush around to, but we were all tired and lazy and wanted to do nothing more than watch the Food Network, eat strawberries, and drink tea.  We eventually needed lunch so we headed out in the pouring rain to a cute pub about half a block away that we had noticed the night that we arrived.  It was a true, authentic old pub that was lower than street level with dark wood beams, a low ceiling, and stone walls.  The food was excellent; chicken and mushroom pie, beef and ale pie, fish n' chips, and a chicken and Yorkshire pudding plate.  Yum.  By the time we had finished eating we were pleased to see that the rain had cleared, so we went off in search of the parkade where Jeff had parked the car when we arrived into the city.  For peace of mind we just wanted to make sure it was still there (and that he knew how to find it!) as we leave tomorrow morning.  We found it safe and sound, and in the process went through a little mall with a fun candy shop that was hard to resist.  The fog gave the city a very different feel than yesterday, and it was easy to imagine people with hats pulled down in dark cloaks hundreds of years ago navigating the cobblestone streets.

We had pre-arranged to meet my parents at 3 pm to help my mom find a hat for the wedding and for Jeff to pick up his kilt.  On the way to the stores we popped into a traditional Scottish kilt store where both Julia and Hap bought some new headgear.  So cute and funny, they were both very pleased with their purchases.  Like Grandpa like grand-daughter!

Afterwards, I helped my mom with her headgear while the others made their way to watch Jeff try on his kilt.  While my mom was trying on clothes I popped back into the kilt shop only to witness Jeff emerging from the change room wearing his fancy socks, kilt, and vest - but no shirt underneath.  Oh my.  I almost died of laughter… he could've appeared in a Vegas show and no one would've batted an eye!  It turns out the shirt they'd given him was too short and he didn't want to come out bare-chested.  The kids were squealing with delight; it was hilarious.

After our shopping excursion we went back for a brief rest (those cobblestones are tiring) and then met back up with my parents for dinner.  We ate at a great Italian restaurant called Centotre - the food was so fresh and delicious… it was real food!  The tomatoes were fantastic, the watermelon sorbet was so light and fresh, the wine was great, the company was excellent… just a super night.  Now we're packing up to get ready to head out to the venue of the main event - Jennie's wedding!  We're spending the next two nights out at Greywalls which has been home to the British Open (golf) 15 times.  I have a very fancy hat to wear on Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it - it should be a super weekend.

Goodbye from Edinburgh, it's been a pleasure!


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