There is something about Paris, The City of Light, that completely captivates me.  I never tire of it and in my mind it epitomizes Europe.  I could go back every year yet I struggle with continuing to visit the same place versus potentially finding 'another' Paris.  When you learn a new word you suddenly see it everywhere, and for me Paris seems to be everywhere.  Whether it's the Eiffel Tower on someone's shirt, a fleeting French phrase, chocolate croissants at the Farmer's Market, or a beckoning bottle of rose on the wine list... I can't seem to escape it!  Last night I had dinner with a good friend who summed Paris up; I had asked her about Athens as I knew she had been there, and to describe it she used Paris as a comparison.  She said that in Athens, aside from the monuments, the city seemed faceless and busy.  Not like Paris, where every building, restaurant, and alleyway seem interesting and beautiful.  I couldn’t agree more, you know you're in Paris, even if you can't see the Eiffel Tower in the distance.  I always get the sense that Napoleon could come strutting by me if I just sit at the outdoor café a little longer; so I toss a newly purchased scarf around my neck and nibble on an olive while I wait.  (Okay, so the last part happened in my mind, but its not out of the question.)  The people watching is great, and the food… well, who doesn't love wine, cheese and bread?

So as we plan our next summer trip I can't help but want to sneak a few days in Paris onto the itinerary.  Let's see if I can resist the Parisian pull, or simply give in to my infatuation.  Time will tell.


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