I was recently getting my hair cut, and instead of my usual perusal of trash magazines an old issue of Bon Appetit caught my eye.  If I was looking forward to Paris before, now I’m positively salivating over it!  All the food and drink looked as good as I remember it, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into a crunchy baguette spread with creamy brie… and wash it down with a tumbler of house wine poured from a scratched carafe.   Then today I read a blog post of a friend of ours whose family is taking their first trip to France with their kids.  They are staying in a farm house outside of Dijon and are having a fabulously relaxed time roasting duck in their oven while the kids splash in the pool.  Sounds divine… and it sounds deranged to say that I’m jealous when I get to fly over the pond myself in less than 2 months!

This sweet anticipation is what makes a vacation so desirable… sometimes half the fun is the planning (it doesn’t involve any jetlag or language barrier)!  Still, I look forward to getting pleasurably lost on ancient streets while using foreign money to buy food I can’t get from a street vendor at home.  Fun.  I can’t wait!


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