We have flown across the pond and now find ourselves in a most delightful apartment!  Disclaimer - This part of Britain is experiencing a heat wave - over 30C today which is very unusual for London and it's expected to continue for quite awhile.  Normally we welcome hot summer temperatures, but the feeling is different when you are staying in a fourth floor apartment that doesn't have A/C!  We have 3 fans going but it's definitely going to be a sweaty night… thankfully we are all so tired that I think we'll sleep regardless!

The flight was great - good food, fun little pack of socks and toothbrush, and a really nice set of large headphones that completely cover your ears.  (Ear buds hurt after awhile… surely I'm not alone in this?)  I think Chloë got the most sleep of all of us (maybe 3 hours) while the rest of us tossed around fitfully for about 2 hours of shut-eye.  I watched 3 mediocre movies to kill the time, and I hope to make better choices on the way home.  ('Admission' with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd said it was a comedy, but I didn't even chuckle once!)  Our rental apartment came with an airport pickup and I'm so glad it did as the ride took almost 1.5 hours!  We were all so tired and kind of half dozed and half looked out the window as we made our way through the heat and traffic.  The apartment is really nice and very spacious.  It has two bedrooms, one with 3 beds and one with two - so more beds than people!  This may prove helpful in our jetlagged state… I remember a few years ago in Barcelona we all woke up in a different bed than we'd originally gone to sleep in!

After settling into our apartment we went for a walk to get our bearings and find some food, and thankfully we discovered a cute pub not too far away.  After fish and chips, chicken and leek pie, and a few refreshments we (quite literally) stumbled home.  Tired, tired, tired!  But it was too early for bed so after a brief sit down I rounded up the troops for a forced walk to the corner store for morning provisions.  The first morning after arriving is a critical one as everyone is on different schedules and who knows what the hunger levels will be.  Hungry, whiny children are no fun with jet lag.  (Actually, that's true at any time, but it is just amplified with jet lag!)

A brief overview of the very interesting area we're staying in - Wapping, in East London.  We are right by the river and traditionally this area was full of warehouses, docks, boat builders, etc.  Of course that means sailors, pubs, and *ahem* women to keep them company.  It is/was also home to the Execution Dock where pirates and other bad guys were hung for all to see.  Interesting area to say the least, and although many buildings were hit hard during WWII there is still a large portion that retain the old seafaring feel complete with huge old wooden doors and tiny cobblestone alleys.  Quaint and old fashioned but with all the modern amenities!

Time for bed.  :)


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