Where is the time going?  We are excitedly looking forward to departing in 9 days, and yet I feel a tad overwhelmed with what I need to accomplish before then.  Instead of tackling my to-do list I am sitting on my computer writing a blog post.  I will allow myself a small procrastination and then get to work! 

We are getting hardwood on the main floor of our house while we are away which is extremely exciting, but... that means we have to basically empty the house before we leave!  Tearing up tile will be a messy job and so we have been advised to pack away as much stuff as we can to avoid needed to clean it all later.  This is a great excuse to go through things and do some purging, but a small kink is added by the fact that we have house guests this weekend so we still need to keep some things around and look like a normal house.  (They wouldn't appreciate us packing away the toilet paper, for instance.)

All in all these are excellent 'problems' to have, and after a whirlwind of getting ready we will be rewarded with French wine and cheese - what could be better than that?


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