I felt like a Roman when I woke up today because we slept on slabs of marble last night.  They were disguised as beds, but were rock hard with the occasional spring sticking into your hip bone.  We are at the Red Lion Salisbury and it's a very lovey old hotel aside from their horrible mattresses.   We are strongly considering leaving a day early and starting our journey northward due to the hard mattresses and the fact that Jeff's legs literally hang a foot off the end of the bed.  (Not going to lie, it's pretty funny looking!)

We tried out the included breakfast this morning and it was a full breakfast with eggs, toast, fried tomatoes, baked beans, etc.  Unfortunately none of us were very hungry so I had a piece of watermelon, half a bowl of corn flakes and a lukewarm cup of tea.  We got into the breakfast 15 minutes before it closed which explained the quality but didn't make us want to eat any more of it.  Even Chloe, the baked bean lover, didn't partake.  I am scared of coffee in Britain that doesn't come from a coffee chain and so I usually stick to tea in most situations… however today I was dying for a good strong brew.  We went down to the shopping area and found a Costa Coffee where I had a great cup of coffee and the kids had very delicious smoothies.  I have a feeling we'll be back there tomorrow and skip out on our included breakfast.

We walked over to the very famous Salisbury Cathedral this morning and spent about an hour walking around and exploring the grounds.  It's a very pretty and peaceful place even though I'm sure that hasn't always been true over the centuries.  It actually has one of the 4 remaining original copies of the Magna Carta and was (amazingly) built between 1220 - 1258… that's crazy!

We met up with Jennie's mom, aunt, and cousin and followed them out to Jennie's place in the middle of the English countryside.  Thank goodness we followed them, because even with the hand drawn map we never, ever would've found it otherwise.  Amazingly enough today marked the very first time we were meeting Scott, the groom.  We've heard so much about him but had never actually seen him in person - and for awhile I thought maybe he was an 'imaginary' friend.  Nope - he's real!  Also at the bbq was Jennie's sister and her family and another good friend of Jennie's.  We had a really nice afternoon eating, drinking, and frolicking in a nearby river to escape the heat. 

We were thoroughly exhausted by doing a lot of nothing, and by the time we got back to the hotel we only had dinner on our minds.  We found refuge in a place called the The Lazy Cow (whose idea was that?), that aside from it's name was amazingly delicious.  Everything we ordered was great and we had an enjoyable time just sitting and soaking up the evening.

Tomorrow our plan is Stonehenge - I am just about to go on Wikipedia to find a few snippets to tell the girls so they know why we are going to look at big rocks in the middle of nowhere.  Probably if Taylor Swift or One Direction were playing there they'd have a bit more enthusiasm!  :)



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