Well, we leave for Hong Kong and Bali in less than 3 days and I feel completely under-prepared!  We have never gone to Asia before so this is completely outside of my comfort zone, plus we usually go in the summer when we have full lazy days to figure out what to pack and run around getting the last minute things we need for our trip.  For instance, just an hour ago I googled what the plug adapters are like in both Indonesia and Hong Kong - thankfully we have both types already or that would be one more item to cross off before we leave.  (Like clean the fish tank and remind the neighbors to pick up our mail when we're gone.)  I am so looking forward to this new experience and to seeing our friends Jennie and Scott in their Hong Kong home - the reason we are making this giant trek across the ocean in the opposite direction that we are used to travelling!

I will make sure to post some of the exciting things we do on this trip and branch this website out from Your Family in Europe, to Your Family in the Great Big World!  So excited.  :)




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