Wow - almost an entire month has gone by since my last post and I have absolutely zero excuse for it.  My laptop issues remain - I still haven't decided what to do and I am at the point where I realize that wishing the problem would solve itself just isn't working.  I have been using my laptop while it is plugged into our tv - hard on the eyes and hard on the neck.  I just can't let it go!  A week and a half ago I decided to bite the bullet and simply fix the screen, but when I talked to the computer repair guy he pretty much talked me out of it.  He was willing to do it of course, but just didn't think it was a good usage of money.  So.... that set me back again.  Why am I so indecisive about this?!?  I know it's a character flaw and I encounter the same problem when faced with a large menu in a restaurant.  This is obviously something I must work on.  Sigh.

On a more uplifting note (and something more in line with the nature of this website and blog) we have sort of figured out where this upcoming summer's European adventure will take us.  We will spent about a week and a half in Holland (part of the time celebrating my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary) and another week and a half in France.  Haven't finalized exactly where, although Paris will factor in for a few days, other than that it will be somewhere with a beach.  The struggle is between going somewhere new and going somewhere we absolutely loved visiting 3 years ago.  I'll definitely keep you posted on our decision - it's a pretty good 'struggle' to have.

Now off to buy a laptop - may the force of decision making be with me!



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