I must admit, that until I went on this trip I had never before heard of the Rugby Sevens tournament. Well, my mistake! The boys had a great time the night before, and luckily enough Scott and Jennie had secured enough tickets for all of us to go on Saturday. stadiumWhat a spectacle! People from all over the world dressed in the craziest costumes – ballerinas, kangaroos, superheros, Vikings, and men in speedos. The games are short and fast paced and the energy is high the whole time. We saw Canada play Samoa (they lost, unfortunately) and it was fun to cheer for our own country while on the other side of the world while sitting with an eclectic group of Canadians, Scots, and British expats, most of whom work for canada rugby(or are affiliated with) HSBC. To make the event even more interesting the Village People performed… wow those dudes are getting old! They did a run through of their hits ending, of course, with YMCA which was a crowd pleaser for everyone – but mostly the highly intoxicated and heat stroked crazy fans in costume. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

The kids did well but after a few hours and a lot of sun we left the others to the festivities and went off in search of fancy candy and bubble tea. We happened upon a great store on one of our first days but weren’t able to buy anything as we were off sightseeing for the rest of the day, but the kids have never forgotten about it and really wanted to go back. We managed to trek over to that side of the city and stock up on all sorts of funny looking candy – so much of it that we actually earned a VIP card and got 10% off of our order! (Interestingly enough, we bought a giant bag full and it came to about $30CDN. Great deal!

After all of that excitement we grabbed a metro back to the central area where we could catch a taxi back home. We were completely dehydrated and exhausted by then and couldn’t wait to get back and remove our shoes and chug giant bottles of water. (This is literal.) After starting to feel slightly normal we decided to order pizza (what else do you do when hungry in Hong Kong?). It was pretty decent, and after dinner we sat around chatting and having a glass (or two) of wine before heading off for a much deserved rest. That was our last night in Hong Kong before heading off to Bali for 5 nights… what a great way to end it! We will pop back for a day before heading home and so our final goodbyes to Jennie and Scott won’t occur until then.   How amazing is this? Pinch me.


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