Well, you see a picture which means that I am back up and running on all cylinders!  Shout out to Cory (my web-guru) who fixed the bugs and worked this out. 

I have put the photo in as a test, but it's also a lovely picture of a black lava beach from our trip to the Big Island of Hawai'i last spring.  So tranquil - heaven on earth.  We are lucky enough to be heading back to Hawai'i, but this time to the island of Maui, at the end of March for a big extended family trip.  I am already practicing my hula moves in anticipation!

I will leave it at this for now, but we are in the midst of planning our summer vacation to England, Scotland and Spain and I will have lots of fodder and bits of information to share along the way.  For now I am just going to revel in the excitement of having this back up and running.  Happy Wednesday!


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