Okay, I am getting excited.  Life has been a crazy whirlwind for the past few weeks and our upcoming trip has taken a backseat.  We have had a variety of house guests as well as my sister’s wedding to occupy our brain-space, but the last few days have given a small reprieve and aside from digging out from under a giant pile of laundry I’ve also had a few moments to start planning and thinking about our vacation.

Perhaps I’m an over-planning nerd, but I just got off of the KLM website where I spent the better part of 10 minutes looking at the movie choices for August.  I don’t like wasting my time checking out all the movies they have when I’m on the plane and could actually be watching one.  Wow, that makes me sound a little obsessive.  In any case, I have decided the first movie should be American Pie Reunion.  Definitely not an Oscar-worthy movie but I’m sure it will give a few chuckles and start the 9 hour flight off on the right foot.  I learned the hard way that you should never watch intensely emotional movies on an airplane, as there is nothing worse than trying to stifle sobs and wipe away tears with a rough airplane napkin while the guy next to you is chuckling at some Will Ferrell comedy.

So, now that my entertainment is all figured out perhaps the packing should come next.  (Priorities?)


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