Well, we have kicked off our summer vacation with a bang!  Yesterday we flew to Vancouver to see One Direction - Julia's favourite music group.  She received tickets for Christmas and finally got to open her present!  :)  Jeff was one of a handful of men present (evidenced by the fact that they switched half of the men's bathrooms to women's - smart move!), and the line-up for beer was definitely shorter than any of the other big arena concerts we have been to in the past.  The lemonade stand line-up, on the other hand, was huge!  The concert was great actually; they certainly put on an impressive show for the screaming fans in the audience.  Those guys brought the energy, and I'm not going to lie - both Jeff and I were caught tapping our toes and clapping along.  Fans got their money's worth and definite memories were made.  Julia LOVED it, and the smile on her face was fantastic.

This was a quick Vancouver pit-stop and we are now heading off to Montreal to continue our journey.  (I am writing this in the Vancouver airport as we wait to board our flight.)  This is a bit of a whirlwind North American trip with many stops, but we look forward to the adventure!  (Spoiler alert, we end the trip back here in Vancouver at a Taylor Swift concert; at that time we will spend a few days in this beautiful city and enjoy all the amenities!) 




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