I dropped my laptop.  The saying 'You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone' rings very true, although I'd like to believe that I really did know what I had even before it left for laptop heaven.  A week and a half ago in a hotel hallway in Alameda, California my laptop bag hit the floor in the "It's my turn to use the key!" shuffle.  (Using the keycard to enter a hotel room is almost as exciting as pushing elevator buttons.  At what age does that finally wear off??)

When I opened my computer and turned it on I was met with all sorts of crazy lines and art deco splotches and quite honestly I wanted to puke.  In an attempt to turn back time I closed the lid and tried again... no luck.  So, for the past week and a half I have been in a funk mourning the loss of my beautiful Mediterannean Blue beauty.  The cost of replacing the screen just doesn't seem worth it when you can get a brand new (and newer model) computer for only a few hundred dollars more - but they no longer make that color and so I have done absolutely nothing about it because I just don't know what to do.  The upside is that my hard drive was fine so I really can't be all that upset.  Really my sadness is all because of the color of my laptop, isn't that silly?

tuscan_computerThis week I need to make a decision and move on - but breaking up and letting go is hard!  I have things to type and places to do it other than in the cluttered room where our home computer lives.  The next time I write I hope to be doing it on my new laptop, but in tribute to my old one here is a lovely picture of it soaking up the Tuscan sun this summer.  Adios, Arrivederchi, Au Revoir.



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