Well... my oh my. Somehow over two months have gone by since my last post. We arrived home from Spain and fell right back into real life; this blog was a casualty. It's so funny how focused I am on it while I am away, and how as soon as I get back home it slips from my mind!

We will be heading back overseas in less than a month, which is why my mind has returned to this site. We have a busy upcoming travel schedule, and just today I finalized the details on two of the apartments we will be staying in. Chloe (14) was accepted into the Royal London ballet summer intensive program, which is what our vacation will be organized around. We have stints in London, various places in Italy, and a few destinations in France. In total the girls and I will be gone for exactly 4 weeks (which quite honestly feels a little too long!), while Jeff will be joining us for the last 2.5 weeks.

I'd like to say that I will post again before we leave, but I have now learned to not make any promises when it comes to that! For some reason the vibe in my house doesn't lend itself to travel blogging. Apparently I need European air and cheap supermarket wine to blog effectively!  :)


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