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As a disclaimer I am not even close to an expert on any form of water travel in Europe.  My only experience comes from a ferry between Dover (U.K.) and Calais (France) in 1989, and a small 2 hour boat excursion in Cassis, France in 2009.  I guess I could mention a particularly fun 15 minutes we spent playing 'bumper ducks' in a small amusement park in San Sebastian, Spain - but I have the feeling this isn't exactly the information you were looking for.

I have, however, found a really helpful link for ferries in Europe and if you have a car it can be an interesting way to get around.  For instance, a ferry across the Adriatic Sea between Croatia and Italy would be a fascinating way to see both places.  Alternatively, many English vacationers take ferries between southern England and Spain, France and Belgium which is another option to explore if you are feeling adventurous.

Cruises are becoming increasingly popular as a way to explore Europe and many different cruise lines offer Mediterranean as well as Black Sea, Greek Islands, and Baltic cruises.  I personally think it would be a great way to visit some Scandinavian cities that would be difficult (and cost-prohibitive) to see by land and is something that has been on the back burner for our family for some time.  My parents went on a Mediterranean cruise and really enjoyed it; perhaps some day I'll do the same and can sing it's virtues, but for now I'll just continue exploring by land.

If you have had any experience in European cruising or ferries it would be fabulous if you could go over to the forum and share your experience in the Transportation section so that others can learn from your experience.  (I promise to do the same!)

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