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In my younger days of backpacking around Europe I slept in my fair share of hostels.  Hostels are a great way to go as a young person, someone traveling alone, or with a small group of people.  Economically speaking, if you are a family of 4 (or more) a hostel may end up being the same price as an apartment rental where you can all spread out and have some privacy.  Some hostels have family rooms which may be an option if you're traveling somewhere and only want to stay for a night or two, as apartment rentals tend to have at least a 3 night minimum.  Hostels are also a great way to meet new people and get some travel tips for the area, so if you are adventurous and want some extra socializing then hosteling may be a great choice for you.  If you prefer more privacy and quiet then this is not your best option.  (On a side note, on our honeymoon my husband and I stayed in a very interesting hostel in Lausanne, Switzerland.  It was in a former convent and was very quiet and peaceful, if not a little bit creepy.  As an interesting side note they actually made us show our wedding certificate for us to be allowed to stay in the same room!)

I have not personally used any of these websites, but here are a few to check out if hostelling is something that you're interested in;

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