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These are a few links that I have found useful when searching for apartment and condo rentals;

I have used this site many times and find it useful due to it's ability to really narrow down your criteria:

We used this site to book an apartment in Madrid and I was blown away by their customer service and friendliness.  They are a smaller site with less cities but worth a try if they have the city you're looking for:

This is a classic and has been around for a long time:

I found a great apartment in Amsterdam with and the following year found one with Both have locations in other European cities and often have rentals for short stays (ie - 3 day minimum).

These are only a handful of useful sites as there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of sites that want you to rent from them.  Use your search engine to your advantage; simply type "_(desired location)_ vacation rental".  Remember to give yourself ample time to go through the websites.  Use the parameters on the various sites to narrow your search - whether it's by date, location, number of bedrooms, etc so that you aren't inundated with unsuitable results.  Bookmark or write a list of ones that look good then take a break and try again the next day.  You may discover that something that looked good the day before no longer looks as great after you have seen other choices.  It may seem overwhelming, but taking the time to find the right place is totally worth it!

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