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The funny thing about our first aid kit is that it is the one thing that I take great care in putting together, yet hope that I never actually need to use!  A small, travel-sized first aid kit is not necessary, but it can certainly come in handy and save you from needing to buy an entire box of band-aids when all you need is one.  Being prepared for a minor emergency gives peace of mind and avoids you needing to find a pharmacy if you have a weird allergic reaction to a funny bug or twist your ankle on cobblestones doing the local polka. 


*If you are traveling with only carry-on bags make sure that all of your first aid items comply with carry-on standards.  It is possible to find some products in individual foil packages eliminating the need to declare them while passing through security.


Band-aids - various sizes

First aid adhesive tape (multiple uses!)

Gauze pads (just a few)

Pain Reliever


Moist wipes

Alcohol swabs

Cough drops/Throat lozenges

Oil of oregano/tea tree oil (or other antiseptic)

Anti-itch cream



Digestive Enzymes (seriously handy if you indulged in too much pasta or got over-excited at the seafood restaurant)



*I also take a small tin of Badger Winter Wonder Balm or something similar (alternatively a small amount of Vick's Vapour Rub in a travel sized tub would work the same).  I like to have it on hand as an 'insurance policy', as it is extremely useful when dealing with coughs.  To have to search for it in a foreign country, when all that's needed is a small amount, would be quite the hassle!


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