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Our family usually travels with only carry-on bags, and this is an example of what we take with us in the toiletry department.  The asterisks indicate items that need to conform to security allowable liquid sizes; however, if you are checking your bags then you don't need to concern yourself with product sizes.  Be mindful of what you pack - do you really need that huge bottle of shampoo and a choice of 6 sunscreens? In any case, ensure that all caps are extra tight and put everything with the potential to spill into ziploc bags.  Don't worry about forgetting something, if you do the world won't stop spinning - you'll just take a field trip to the drugstore! 


Toiletries to take with you

(If a certain product doesn't apply to you or your family then disregard it.) 





Hair clips/elastics

Cotton balls/q-tips

Feminine hygiene products


Lip balm

Make-up (minimize what you take)

Nail clippers

*Facial cleanser

*Facial cream

*Make up remover

*Hair Product (unless you need a lot)

*Travel sized deodorant

*Travel sized shampoo/conditioner

*Travel sized toothpaste



Toiletries to buy when you get there


Razors (if you are checking your bag then simply pack some instead)

Shaving cream (unless you only require a travel sized one)




Insect repellent (if needed)

* Note - due to the fact that we try to travel as light as possible we will usually pack a travel sized shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen and toothpaste for our family to share for the first few days.  This gives us some time to find a supermarket (or something similar) to purchase larger products to use while we are there.  It's fun to try local products, although you'd be surprised at how many things are exactly the same as at home.  Streamline your toiletries and see what you are willing to go without or what you can share with another family member.  If you are checking your bags and don't mind lugging around the extra weight, or if you are particularly choosy about the products you use, then you should pack whatever you'd like to make yourself comfortable.  


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