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Personal taste will dictate exactly what you take, as well as the size of your suitcase and how much stuff you're willing to lug around.  It's nice to have choices, but don't take your entire wardrobe in the off chance that you may 'feel' like wearing the shirt your mom gave you for Christmas that only goes with that one skirt that kind of itches.

Test drive all of the items you plan on taking.  Trying things on is very helpful, but it's also important to see how something fares after wearing it for a whole day.  Does it pull, get too tight, make you sweaty, fly up in the wind?  (I mention the wind thing because I had a very unfortunate butt-exposing moment walking along a beautiful river in France where the wind blew my skirt right up!  I spent the next hour awkwardly walking hunched over using my hands to try and keep my private parts private.)  Also, ensure that items are interchangeable and can be worn with each other.  In general, Europeans dress in a more refined way than we do here in North America, and you will most likely feel more comfortable wearing 'nicer' clothes than you would in athletic shorts and shirts.  As the saying goes - when in Romeā€¦.


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